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  • Store. Protect. Help keep food fresh.

    Unloc life with Ziploc® Bags - It’s more than a bag!

    From mealtime to snack time to home organisation, storage needs are never the same.

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Featured products

  • Front of a box of Ziploc® Sandwich Bags

    For over 50 years, Ziploc® Sandwich Bags have been the go-to choice for taking sandwiches, snacks, and other yummy bites to school, work, and play. Our secret: Making everything super simple thanks to the extended Easy Open Tabs and textured EasyGuide zipper make opening and closing the bag easy.

  • Front of a box of Ziploc® Storage Large Bags

    Whether your storing meats, vegetables, leftovers, or pantry essentials, Ziploc® Storage have you covered. Count on the Grip 'n Seal technology to help lock in freshness with complete confidence.

  • Front of a box of Ziploc® Freezer Large Bags

    Need to easily store meat, poultry or bulky soups and broths? Ta-da! Ziploc® Freezer Bags are your indispensable ally. The Double Zipper seal helps lock in freshness with confidence you can see, feel and hear — from edge-to-edge, across the entire bag. Plus, it helps prevent freezer burn, meaning less food waste.

Meet our Ziploc® Freezer Bags with Extended Tabs, Easy Grip Texture and Double Zipper

Our Freezer Bags triple system seal features an extended tab, easy grip texture and a double zipper. The extended tab and easy grip seal make it easier to open and close the bag, while the airtight zipper ensures that each plastic freezer bag blocks out air, providing unbeatable protection from freezer burn, which means less wasted food and more money saved.

Image of a Ziploc® Freezer bag zoomed in with a focus on the Easy Grip Texture and Double Zipper

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